These are short stories/novellas in The Soul Wanderers Series.
All the stories are standalones, but they are still related to each other and have some of the same characters. Feel free to leave comments and reviews below!
(*Note: I am ALWAYS looking for feedback on my short stories before I submit them. If you're interested in reading them and giving me comments, contact me)

Heart of a Dragon (FREE)

Gifted with the magical ability of song, young Lunora sings to hatch and protect newborn dragons in a hatchery hidden in the 17th century Spanish Greatwood. Yet when a rare dragon egg comes to the hatchery, dark forces contrive to take the egg and so exploit the dragon's powers, and Lunora must help with the most dangerous hatch yet.

This novella occurs before the events in Aizai the Forgotten.

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You can read it online here, or download it as an epub or pdf below (I suggest the pdf due to formatting issues with the epub version):

The Shadows of Gods (Available in the Wrestling With Gods anthology published by EDGE here) 
In the towns and deserts of 17th century Arabia, Toulouse and his Magician father wander the land, and Toulouse is lead on a journey to discover what it means to know and what lies beyond the world he can perceive around him.
You can read an interview about writing about fantasy and faith, in relation to my story, here.

Soul Song (available in New Realm Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 9)

Upon finding herself trapped in a dead world, Lunora unwittingly discovers a plot that has the power to trap even the highest Soul Wanderers.

Heart and Thorns (published online in Allegory Ezine - FREE to read!)

Marcus, disguised as a gardener at Lady Vivian's castle, strives in secret to discover a dragon's heart. Yet what he finds proves more shocking than even the heart of such a great beast...

Rayventa (published online in The Lorelei Signal - FREE to read!)
In seventeenth century Spain, Mylena receives a strange pendant from her dying uncle, a device purported to turn someone into a hero by taking them to the right place at the right time. Yet unforeseen dangers arise, and Mylena must overcome dark forces that threaten the world.

The Immortal Fire (Available in Tesseracts 21 Compostela anthology as an e-book and print book)

A poem about the fire that gave us life and has sustained us through the centuries, and to which we shall eventually return.

Cast Not a Shadow (Available in SciPhi Journal - FREE to read!)

The teachings of the Buddha provide solace for monks on a world caught in the turmoils of strife and destruction. Yet will one novice monk, Alaria, reach the enlightenment she needs to leave the world? And does she really want to leave at all?

The Order for Investigations into Curious Metaphysical Phenomena:
Edwin Galbraith, the primary (i.e., only) investigator in the Order  Note: this is probably a frock coat he is wearing:
This is a series of short stories that follow the adventures of Edwin Galbraith and Louis Earnshore, two nineteenth century British philosophers who discover many strange things in their town of Canterbury. They belong to an order of philosophers called The Order for Investigations into Curious Metaphysical Phenomena who investigate strange philosophical and spiritual happenings.
The stories will be posted as they are published.
You can see hints of what will come on my Pinterest board.

1. To Catch a Dreamer 

Nineteenth century philosophers Edwin and Louis investigate the world of dreams and the strange things that lie in wait for them there.

2. This Quintessence of Dust (first published in Aphelion webzine for FREE)
Edwin and Louis examine claims about the creation a homunculus and whether or not it is alive and has a soul. The magician they meet, however, may prove to be a "curious metaphysical phenomena" himself...

3. The Riches of the Kingdom of Enryaku-ji (available in the Realities Perceived Anthology)
Captain Derek Harlow has brought a golden Buddhist statue to England that is reported to contain the riches of the kingdom of Enryaku-ji. Yet when Edwin and Louis investigate, they discover something much stranger that they had expected.

4. Heart of a Fox (available at New Realm Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 11)
After Captain Derek Harlow’s voyage to Japan, he begins to experience unusual incidents in his home, and enlists the philosophers Edwin and Louis to investigate. 

5. Puppet Masters (published online at Bewildering Stories for FREE)
Philosophers Edwin and Louis discover certain people losing awareness and doing strange deeds, which proves to be more dangerous than they imagined.

6. That Sleep of Death (available at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly for FREE)
While investigating the Theosophical Society of Canterbury, Edwin and Louis inadvertently enter the astral world and are immersed with the dangers within it.
Check out some reviews here and here.

Crusaders (available on The Colored Lens for FREE)
What unites a fighter pilot in the Second World War and a crusading knight in Jerusalem centuries ago may prove to be both men's saving grace in times of turmoil.

The Secret

Randolph, a young monk in Medieval Scotland, discovers a magical book during a book burning in the abbey. Although it is heretical, the book has a strange connection to him, and he endeavours to save it, despite the consequences.

The StarCompass (On Amazon Kindle. Click here to get it in Canada
Click here to get it in U.S.)

Pale and beautiful, with dark eyes and swirling Thumbs of Lunora on their temples, Lunians are beings not of this world. Yet one young Lunian, Wyndor, must venture into the unfamiliar world of 19th century England to retrieve a magical device that was stolen from his master.

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"A Soul Wanderer never knows. He wanders; he makes his own path through the
heights of the universe."

-Sio Larwick

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